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galaxy ace phone finder

You may as well remember our quick preview from a while back. I need help on my samsung ace camera any time I want to take a snapshot a writing says camera erroe or error by callback erroe.

Samsung Galaxy S10 review. GSMArena team , 23 February Samsung S Galaxy Ace official photos With the kind of specs, the Galaxy Ace could have passed for a high-end phone a while back. Unboxing, degree spin, design and construction. If I could split the bounty I would have done that. Thanks everyone! Is GSMArena maybe helpful? If no results are found, my program marks it as "Others" Code: import urllib.

Divyanshu Kalra Divyanshu Kalra 2, 1 1 gold badge 10 10 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. I already thought about it but didn't have the time to investigate the site. Very useful, Thanks! You are welcome!

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So is this the solution you were looking for? Probably yes, but the other answers especially Benjamin Gruenbaum's one are also very good. I am not sure yet who shall I give the bounty to.

The whole point of the question was a way to categorize devices, and as you pointed out, even though the FCC was a brilliant idea, it couldn't tell you what type of device it is Benjamin Gruenbaum Benjamin Gruenbaum k 66 66 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

Also even if API returns results for some queries, type of the device is always 'Mobile', so it is impossible to say if it is a tablet or a phone. The question was how to identify device type, not maker.

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Did you find this guide useful? Features Compatibility. Once you have reached this stage, you can input your account password for the Samsung account. The added bonus of using body-powered devices. Your mobile provider keeps track of where your phone's been so maybe they could help you out.

This api seems to be pretty good although when I searched for example "Nexus 7" I didn't find any results. So it seems to be not full, yet pretty useful. Also, I would glad to hear about the other APIs you mentioned.

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Hari Swaminathan Hari Swaminathan 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges. This is a neater solution than the accepted answer. The Free tier allows for hits a month. The following approach should work, but will require some programming: Create groups of synonyms for each device type name you are trying to categorize e. To prevent false positive matching as one of target groups, minimum number of matches can be set to be sure that 'other' device is not put to 'tablets' or 'phones' by mistake.

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Quoting Shafi Ahmed: I buy Samsung grand new plus with country code 05 it's original or not. Shafi Ahmed I buy Samsung grand new plus with country code 05 it's original or not. Aniee I bought galaxy grand prime with 06 in the IMEI , and phone was bought with its full price does that mean SAR value differs with manufacture country??

Is china is not of that quality in-terms of hardware, software or performance. Yasir Quoting juanlim: What is the difference between made in china and manufactured in china?

What is the difference between made in china and manufactured in china? I want to ask that im still able to upgrade the android version of my phone Secure boot status type Samsung kindly reply. Ubed Khalid Quoting mohamed: Does the country of origin of a smart phone matter???

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This question is driving me nuts!! Does the country of origin of a smart phone matter???

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